Three gates on west side of MDY Royal Wall attract visitors to explore

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Picture shows a gate of Mandalay Royal Palace.   Photo: Nway Nadi (Myitnge)

It is interesting that the gates of Mandalay Royal Palace Wall were named with respective meanings. There are three gates on the west side of the Royal Wall, namely as the Kyay Hmone gate, Se Shay gate and Htin Shar gate respectively.
The Kyay Hmone gate, the southwestern enterance, was built under the supervision of Min Kyaw Min Hla Sithu. The word. The word “Kyay Hmone” was used to name the gate to remind people of the death since the gate was used to take out the dead body.
The Se Shay gate, the Midwest gate, was built under the supervision of Mya Taung Minister Thatoe Mingyi Mahar Min Hla Kyaw Thu. The name was chosen because of its auspiciousness that would be sustainable forever.
The northwestern gate, the Htin Shar gate, was built under the supervision of Yenangyoung Minister. The name ‘Htin Shar’ was chosen to mean the prominence. It can be seen that each gate was named with respective meaning, and they were used for different purposes.—Nway Nadi (Myitnge)(Translated by Ei Phyu Phyu Aung)

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