Three major bridges under construction in Ayeyawady Region

Kyunpyathat Bridge is a steel box girder with the floor of reinforced concrete and can withstand up to 60 tones of weight.—(Photo: IPRD)
Kyunpyathat Bridge is a steel box girder with the floor of reinforced concrete and can withstand up to 60 tones of weight. Photo: IPRD

By Kyaw Htike Soe

The road transport network plays an important role in promoting economic and social development of a region, improving socioeconomic status of local people, and boosting the flow of trade. The proper development of road transport network not only reduces the cost of transportation both in terms of money and time but also helps in the integration of various regions and states in the country and better understanding of neighbouring countries at the international level.
The Kyunpyathat Bridge near milepost 22/4 on the Bogale-Mawlamyinekyun-Kyonemangae-Wakema-Myaungmya Road is being built by Special Bridge Group-2 of the Department of Bridge under the Ministry of Construction and the project as a whole is 85 per cent complete, according to a site incharge tasked with overseeing the project. The bridge is 720 metres long, 7.5 metres wide and has a one-metre long pedestrain walkway on each side. The bridge is a steel box girder with the floor of reinforced concrete and can withstand up to 60 tons of weight. The bridge’s piles are mainly constructed from reinforcement cement concrete and its clearance is 40 ft. and waterway under the facility is 240 ft. The Sawke Bridge near milepost 17 on the Bogale-Mawlamyinegyun-Wakema-Myaungmya road section under the Road Network Development Project in Ayeyawady Region is also under construction in Mawlamyinegyin Township. The bridge over the Sawke River is 750 metre in length, 7.5 metre in width and has the capacity to withstand 75 tones of loads. The bridge’s clearance is about 40 ft. and the waterway under the bridge is 240 ft. Construction of the bridge has been about 85 per cent finished so far and it is scheduled to be opened to traffic soon. The projects are slated for completion in September and many skilled workers currently involves in the construction of the bridges, said U Aung Thiha, Director (Civil) of the Special Bridge Group-2.

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Sawke Bridge on the Bogale-Mawlamyinegyun-Wakema-Myaungmya Road will be an important bridge in Ayeyawady Region.—(Photo: IPRD)

Once completed, the bridges would reduce travel time between Mawlamyinegyun and Pathein by two hours. Local people from Mawlamyinekyun and Bogale Townships would be able to travel to Labutta and the region’s capital Pathein City in a convenient manner and would be able to use the facilities in all seasons with greater ease. The new bridges would contribute to development of trade in the area, facilitate swift flow of commodities and reduce transportation charges for local people. Reliable road transport networks could support businesses of the locals and promote their socioeconomic status. Infrastructural development of a region plays a vital role in helping the country’s GDP increase and uplifting the standard of living of poor people.
The Pathein Bridge-2, designed to link Pathein city and some residential wards on the west bank of Ngawun River is being built by Special Bridge Group-16 under the ministry at an estimated cost of Ks. 28.5 billion. The bridge construction project has been about 84 per cent finished so far. The bridge is of a steel reinforced concrete facility and is 2,380-ft long with 28-ft wide traffic route. The bridge will be able to withstand up to 60 tones of weight and have a 5-ft wide pedestrian walkway on each side. The width of pillars and height for waterway will be 416-ft and 60-ft respectively. Construction of the bridge began on 27 October 2018 and the facility is slated for completion in July this year. With rapid urbanization of Pathein City and urgent need for extension of urban residential housings on the west bank of Ngawun River, the Pathein Bridge-2 is built by the ministry. The bridge is expected to become an important landmark for Pathein, contribute to regional development and offer a faster route to beaches such as Ngwehsaung, Chaungtha and Shwe Thaung Yan, and to Ayeyawady Region and Rakhine State’s coastal roads. Upon completion of the bridge, locals will be able to easily transport fishery products in the region to major cities in the country without any delays.

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