Thriving tobacco plantations contribute to livelihoods of local farmers

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Farmers in Hsimeekhon Village, Myingyan Township, Mandalay Region, are engaged in cultivation of tobacco on plantations.
“Tobacco plants can be grown in September and harvested in February and March. The leaves must be dried up for sale in June and July. Farmers can earn about K200,000 per 100 viss (160 kilos),” said a local farmer.
“Over 7,000 plants per acre can be cultivated on the farmland. One acre plot of plantation can yield over 700 viss (840 kilos) of tobacco. Dried tobacco leaves are transported to the market in Mandalay. Sometimes, brokers from Shwebo arrive in the village to purchase the tobacco leaves. Yield and quality depend on species of tobacco and growing technique. Quality tobacco leaves can fetch K200,000 per 1.6 kilos,” he added.
Over 200 farmers are residing in Hsimeekhon Village. They put 600 acres of farmland under tobacco plantations to earn family income.
“Local people grow tobacco on plantations as their traditional farming works. The tobacco leaves produced from Hsimeekhon Village are marketable. Thanks to tobacco plantations, I supported four sons and daughters to graduate from university,” said local farmer U Myint. Despite residing in rural areas, the local farmers have adequate knowledge about the Smoking and Consumption of Tobacco Product Law.

Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-printing House)

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