Thukha Dagon Housing to accept rental applications by 31 July

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The completed apartments of Thukha Dagon Housing in Dagon Myothit (South) Township.

The Thukha Dagon Public Rental Housing Leasing and Disciplinary Committee announced that retired employees, civil servants, and people who have difficulty living in Yangon Region can apply for a residence permit in the Thukha Dagon housing apartments built in the Dagon Myothit (South) Township.
The housing is being built near the junction of No 2 Highway and No 7 Outer Ring Road in Dagon Myothit (South) Township, and the completed apartments of the housing are starting to be rented. Those who wish to apply can purchase residence permit forms at the respective township administrator offices for K3,000 per copy, fill in the prescribed forms, and submit them back to the relevant township administrator offices by 31 July.
The area of the rental apartment is 588 square feet, and the lease term is five years. The rental charge must be paid without fail every month, and the monthly rent for the first floor will be K67,000, the second floor K60,000, the third floor K55,000, and the fourth floor K46,000.
The housing project is being implemented on 171 acres of land near the intersection of No 2 Highway and No 7 Outer Ring Road, and 194 buildings with 3,104 apartments are under construction for the first phase. The Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Federation (MCEF) and the Myanmar Licensed Contractors Association (MLCA) have allocated 97 buildings each for construction.
Interested persons can visit the Yangon Region Government website at and the DUHD-Ygn Facebook Page regarding the matter of applying for an apartment. For more information, dial 09-699998814 and 01-8379061 during office hours. — TWA/CT

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