Thukha Dagon Housing to issue rental permits for 1,168 completed apartments in Aug

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The apartments of Thukha Dagon Housing near the junction of No 2 Highway and No 7 Outer Ring Road in Dagon Myothit (South) Township.

As per the Urban and Housing Development Department, Thukha Dagon Housing, situated near the junction of No 2 Highway and No 7 Ring Road in Dagon Myothit (South) Township, will begin issuing rental permits in August.
During the period from 1 July to 31 July, a total of 16,000 application forms for rental permits were sold at the respective township administrator offices. These forms were made available to low-income individuals facing housing difficulties, retired employees, and civil servants. This marks the first issuance of rental permits for the 1,168 completed apartments, scheduled for August.
As of 28 July, application forms were sold to 8,000 people, 2,400 retired civil servants, and 6,500 civil servants still in service. The monthly rental rates set by the housing committee are K67,000 for the first floor, K60,000 for the second floor, K55,000 for the third floor, and K46,000 for the fourth floor, with a lease term of five years.
The housing project encompasses 171 acres of land, with 194 buildings and 3,104 apartments currently under construction for the first phase. Notably, the Myanmar Construction Entrepreneurs Federation (MCEF) and the Myanmar Licensed Contractors Association (MLCA) have each been allocated 97 buildings for the construction endeavour. — TWA/MKKS

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