Tighten up new orders for action to curb infections in Yangon

As coronavirus cases rise in Yangon Region, Ministry of Health and Sports has decided to replace new restrictions on daily life and businesses.
The new rules that came into effect at 8 am today (21st September, 2020) has imposed the Stay-At-Home on the region’s townships, (except Cocogyun, an island township) and has ordered the staff of the organizations and companies to work from home. The order has also ordered the labour-intensive industries such as CMP garment factories to close for two weeks from 24 September to 7 October.
Essential businesses such as banks and financial services, fuel refilling stations, food and meat services, pharmaceutical and medical equipment production and distribution services, drinking water distribution services and daily personnel hygiene items production services are allowed to remain open but to maintain COVID-19 health guidelines.
The number of people diagnosed with coronavirus in our country is rising, having reached over 5,500 cases on Sunday, with 92 deaths. The vast majority of cases are in the Yangon Region.
Daily infections surged to over 670 on 20 September. Over the past seven days, our country saw 403 cases on 19 September, 424 cases on 18 September, 149 cases on 17 September, 319 cases on 16 September, 307 cases on 15 September, 263 cases on 14 September and 337 cases on 13 September respectively.
This situation has demanded the authorities to intensify its measures to fight off the second wave.
It’s a real, contagious illness for which there is no vaccine and no proven treatment.
Announcing the new rules that came into effect today, the ministry has limited families to send only one member to buy essential things, and has tighten the daily life restrictions on communities.
It affects some people more seriously than others, but those with few symptoms are still liable to pass it on to the vulnerable.
The new order with tight rules reflects that the authorities are doing everything they can to prepare, and are absolutely prepared to take whatever action is necessary to save lives and livelihood of the people.
That’s why we wish people would adhere to guidelines is a good way to combat the pandemic.
That’s why, everyone must follow the order. Or, you will be breaking the law.

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