Time for genuine national reconciliation


In the history of the world, many empires, from that of the Romans centuries ago to that of the British decades ago, collapsed. The reason was that they were built on military might alone. As a result, they were defeated when their military might weakened or their rivals’ military might surpassed theirs.
In the history of Myanmar, some kings established empires that were bigger than the nation’s modern territory. These empires collapsed long ago, and Myanmar was even colonised by the British for about a century. Myanmar was defeated in three wars with the British and lost her independence. Some attribute the defeat to Myanmar’s lack of modern military technology. However, the main reason for the loss of Myanmar’s sovereignty was that the empire was built on military might alone.
People build a better society based on the experience and knowledge of the older generations. Therefore, it is necessary to build a new Myanmar society based on the unity of all people living in it. For people to be united, it is important that all members of the society enjoy equal rights.
The idea that a country can be united through its military might is a false one. Military might alone cannot unite people and may even lead to war and bloodsheds. It is time for Myanmar to  exert efforts for genuine national reconciliation.

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