Time for Our Teachers to Get Ready For Facing Challenges of the Time

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Very soon 2016-2017 academic year, is going to come to an end. Likewise students, parents are exerting their efforts for their offspring’s education. Students are now vying for passing their exams with high scores. Under the current situation, students and parents cannot get rid of their minds and imaginations yet that higher educational attainment can only bring about success and wealth for their future. Taken at face value, their outlooks look true. Experiences faced and environment nearby which they were brought about, indoctrinated the above-said sprits into our minds. To be frank, we cannot deny the deep-rooted thought, “Money makes everything,” is still occupying our minds. For this, we would not like to blame anyone, because we all like the best and want to reach the climax. But, situations are starting to change, unlike those in several years ago. Now, in our society, we have our selected governing body and philanthropist institutions and youths. These are signs of goodness for all of us, especially for younger generations. Presently, we need to bear a conception that wealth of a group cannot build a better future world.
After the exams, our students will have much free time, but since now their parents may have arranged to have their children enrolled in summer courses in preparation for the new academic year. Similarly, our teachers will have more leisure hours in summer. During the long vacation, our teachers should be well equipped with abilities to produce leaders-to-be for future.
In dictionaries, a teacher is defined as a person whose job is teaching (a subject), especially in a school. In this sense, we may misconstrue a teacher as an ordinary salary man. Such a thought has never come into our pure minds. Instead, we deeply love and admire our teachers. According to our religion as well, we rank our teachers as the same as our Lord Buddha, Dhamma[His Teachings], Sanghas[His Followers], and our parents. A teacher is called in Myanmar, “Sayar” which seems to be a corrupted Pali word, “saryar” which means shade. Shade gives us a shelter that protects from direct sunlight, wherein we get a cool feeling. Likewise, we can get many kinds of virtue under our teachers’ guidance and control. But I want to say deeply that a teacher is a man of nobility and learning. So much had been written and said about teachers and their
devotion to their pupils.
It is needless to say again about our respected and devoted teachers in the past. Throughout our generations, teachers play an important role in our society.
Unlike other service-men, what makes a teacher special? Who had ever known pupils that went uncared and unattended by our teachers during their schooling days? We spent most of the first phase of our lives under the surveillance of our respected teachers. So we were mostly in touch with them, seeing our teachers as well spend their leisure hours reading a book or something, listening to them reprimanding us for our wrong-doing and stupidity. Schools always aim at producing well-adjusted members of the society. As such, a teacher is not a perfect man but he needs to be endowed with many qualifications and responsibilities. Who will deny it? They are sculptors who train all-round development of future leaders. A teacher-to-be needs a   professional training and skill. Here let’s imagine what responsibilities and performances we must carry out as a teacher. Here let me point out some facts about a teacher in the book titled, “A teacher is many things,” by Earl V Pullias and James D. Young.
“1/ A teacher is a guide on the journey of learning, 2/ a teacher, 3/ a modernizer, 4/ an example, 5/  a searcher, 6/ a counselor, 7/ a creator, 8/ an authority, 9/ an inspirer of vision and 10/  a doer of routine for pupils.
Suffice it to say that the teachers’ role is of great importance in nurturing future’s leaders. We firmly believe that we owe it to train and retain the service of good and able teachers, as promptly as possible.

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