Time has arrived to join Rakhine’s journey to prosperity

  • Myanmar possesses diversified cultures and customs from different communities, and this can be said to be its strength, which provides significant opportunities for the country.
    Rakhine State offers several investment opportunities across multiple sectors. Many parts of Rakhine State are now connected to the national power grid, and that is good news for manufacturing businesses.
    Rakhine State also has many tourist attractions, including beautiful beaches, and in MraukU there are ancient cultural heritage sites. Promoting tourism in the state is one of the priorities of the state government.
    Jobs are scarce in the state, but this problem can be solved through investment programs, which will increase individual job opportunities, per capita income and living standards, while enhancing regional development.
    The time has arrived to invest in Rakhine State. By investing in Rakhine, local and foreign investors can participate in the state’s journey to prosperity and inclusiveness by making the best use of its untapped resources.
    The Myanmar Investment Commission has encouraged responsible investments and win-win situations, which can bring sustainable development and benefits to both sides.
    Rakhine State is facing conflicts in its north. But, we can say that the state has many peaceful and stable areas which are favourable for investments.
    The Myanmar government shares the concerns of investors, and pledged that the Union Government is committed to security and peace in Rakhine State. The government also committed itself to tackle the challenges, including the causes behind long and complex issues facing the State and reasons for its lagging behind in development.
    Hence, investors can explore new opportunities and take calculated risks. Investment without risk cannot bring profits to businesses.
    The Rakhine State Investment Fair, which opened on Friday, has shown that prospects are bright for investment in the state. Over 600 local and foreign business personnel attended, and 24 projects were submitted to the Rakhine State Government on the opening day.
    Outsiders have the wrong impression about the state. But if they come here they will see, with their own eyes, the peace and stability that prevails throughout the area.
    We would like to urge investors to find new paths and explore areas where no roads now exist, instead of following the old ways.
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