Time to change our approach to change


[dropcap font=”0″][/dropcap]When it comes to change, not all institutions can accomplish their transformational efforts in part because they fail to take a consistent, holistic and effective approach to changing themselves first.
It is found that successful organizations that are particularly adroit at constant change have three characteristics in common, according to Dr John Kotter, a renowned leadership and change management guru.
These organizations closely follow the process, allow the process to flex itself to their specific contexts and measure their efforts in terms of results. The leaders of these organizations will never hesitate to remove obstacles to change by transforming systems, structures and policies that do not align with their vision.
Good leaders contemplating change know that people matter most. They are willing to embrace change and are aligned with the direction of change. They accept the supposition that change starts at the top. Once they succeed in motivating their subordinates to feel the need to change, they are positioned for success. It is therefore necessary for them to deliver core messages through multiple channels regularly and inspirationally in a bid to create essential elements needed to drive change.
It must here be noted that no change programme goes according to plan. Naturally, change is unsettling and can have very real effects on people, especially those at top levels of an organization. The most effective way to manage change is to continuously evaluate its impact and adopt the next wave of transformation.
At a time when rapid change has become a phenomenon of the 21st century, institutions that swim against the tide will not last.

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