Time to change the clichéd image of government

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The National League for Democracy’s landslide election victory last November offers an excellent example of the social stigma attached to the delivery of government services to people living on the margins of society. The prolonged marginalisation of the ordinary people led to civil unrest in 1988, which is still described as the worst mass demonstration in living memory.
As the NLD came to power with its election slogan that read “It’s time for change”, the people are eager to know whether the ruling party can live up to their expectations and make change happen. It is, therefore, imperative for the government to prove its political muscle by erasing public doubts over how its cabinet members will work together with parliamentarians and other stakeholders to reshape public welfare programmes during its tenure.
Having been accustomed to autocracy for over five decades, the people find it difficult to change their attitudes to politics. However, it is found that most public evaluations of intergovernmental management are often based on the pre-established images of previous governments. It is often argued that the nature of government itself makes it difficult to change the clichéd image of government. Therefore, the government must make a bold move to take concrete action in ensuring greater transparency and accountability in the delivery of its public services.

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