Time to change the mindset in drafting and debating bills


[dropcap font=”0″]T[/dropcap]O the relief of the entire nation, Myanmar has successfully averted a crisis, which put the government and students on a collision course, thanks to the right decision of all stakeholders.
The entire nation was gripped by worry last week as students were protesting the national education law, which had been enacted but has not been exercised. The crisis indicates that those involved in the process of legislation still need to change their mindset in drafting and debating bills.
The law was drafted by experts, approved by the parliament and enacted by the government without much controversy. However, it has to be amended even before it has not been exercised because those who drafted and approved it are still clinging to the old mindset of ignoring the consequences of a law. What a waste of time, effort and public funds!
Experts who drafted the law failed to consider its consequences, and so did the parliament which approved it, leading to a crisis of student protests which could have led to a full-blown disaster if the government had not handled the situation properly. The government urged the parliament to amend the brand-new law and held negotiations with students on how to amend it.
It is high time the approaches to drafting and debating bills and enacting of laws were changed.

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