Time to Remove the Practice of Glass Ceiling!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Every individual is born with nothing in their hands. But, their original status and inborn opportunity may differ from each other, depending upon the environment into which they are born, without any opportunity to choose. Children born into the wealthy families have favorable situations for survival compared to those born into poor families. Yet, we cannot say that the former ones will be superior to the latter kinds throughout their lives. Qualities and efforts push people to higher places on the totem pole of their status, according to their concerted contribution. As known by all, qualifications and skills are not gifts given by God. In fact, we all are the Creator of our lives. Once in the past, we used to recite two well-known mottos. One is, “Contribute to your ability, Take according to your contribution.” Another one is, “Contribute to your ability, Take according to your need.” Obviously, the first one will be our favorite and none of us like the second.
    We can accumulate abilities, skills, knowledge and mastery through our effort. In this way, some people come to possess the above-said features to the remarkable extent. However, some had not had any opportunities to have exhibited their abilities throughout their lives. Why? The fact is attributed to social, racial and gender discrimination. These practices existed since long before, and they are surviving in the world including in Myanmar, until now. Nepotism & cronyism are burying abilities, skills, qualifications and powers of the qualified ones. In our country, there were outstanding women in educational and literary fields. To put it simply, the whole nation, especially students benefits from their works and efforts. Yet, women seldom held key posts in bodies operating the administrative machinery of the government. Likewise, there used to be many qualified and able men who vanished among the masses without reaching top posts. Generally speaking, they can be said to have lost their opportunities for the progress of their lives. If we think it carefully, the country suffered a great loss. In other word, our country lost its future. A good leader can steer followers under him or her. As per usual, followers tend to emulate their leader. “A leading bull goes straight for pasture-land, fellow cows from the same herd follow it straight,” as a Myanmar saying goes. Had good, moral and qualified leaders managed every department in the country, our country would have developed enough for other countries to be amazed. Who will deny the dilapidated conditions of administrative machinery can lead to a breach of rule of law. Our society was ruined by the practice of glass ceiling, which is meant the imaginary barrier that stops women, or other groups, from getting the best jobs in a company, etc. although there are no official rules to prevent them from getting these jobs. Student girls are still subject to—gender discrimination—old blind-fold university selection system, so far.
    With changing into a federal democratic modernized and developed Union, our country is starting to pave ways for females to have an access to take part in building the Nation. Now, women are taking parliamentarian seats in the Hluttaws. Presently, most girls came to the front line of initiative works—a part of the nation-building launched by our government to contribute their voluntary labor. They depicted their desire, willingness, courage and firm determination. I dare say women will unveil the practice of glass ceiling in near future.
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