To be truly patriotic


[dropcap font=”0″]I[/dropcap]t is known to everyone that there are a lot of people who say they love their country and that they are patriotic. They always express or preach patriotism whenever they have an opportunity to do so. However, their actions should be scrutinized to judge whether they are true patriots or not because it is easier said than done.
It is undeniable that one who loves one’s country does not want to see it ravaged by poverty, war and social woes. Therefore, those who are genuinely patriotic act responsibly toward getting rid of those evils. To drive them away, it is necessary for everyone who is really patriotic to exert efforts to make one’s country peaceful and prosperous, as peace and prosperity give people mental security as well as physical security.
In addition, one does not need to fight with others to show one’s patriotism as this will not bring about peace. In contrast, it will create more hatred and put one’s country in jeopardy. Peace can only be brought about by mutual recognition and bilateral interests. It is a fact that people who are not able to build peace will never make a country prosperous because peace is one of the prerequisites of prosperity. If one truly loves one’s country and is genuinely patriotic, one is also required to appreciate intrinsic peace.

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