To enjoy genuine democracy, be mindful of malicious rumours

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By Kyaw Thura

To create a genuine democracy, the electorate has a great responsibility to embrace its voting rights when the time comes. Casting votes at polling stations undeniably amounts to an active participation in public affairs.
Since democracy is defined as a government of the people, for the people and by the people, elections should be seen as an invaluable tool for the people to choose their representatives. People must take charge of their own affairs, and this includes the involvement of citizens in the political process. Elections are of utmost importance in deciding the destiny of the nation. Accordingly, free and fair elections must be carried out nationwide.
With general elections having been scheduled for the last week of October or first week of November this year, the people are excited but have also come to voice their concern over their possible adjournment, as fighting has flared up between government troops and the Kokang remnant groups in a border area near China.
The onus is on all of us to keep a watchful eye on potential obstacles to free and fair general elections. Destructive elements are lying in wait to add fuel to racial and religious conflict aimed at deterring us from enjoying the taste of true democracy by spreading malicious rumours at every opportunity. After all, united we stand, divided we fall.

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