To join rule of law for the sake of the nation and citizens

Today’s global governments exercising any political systems are responsible for giving guarantees to the people for safety and security as part of serving an important duty. Hence, governments need to manage cooperation between law enforcement bodies and people from society in taking safety and security measures.
Every country set up forces enforcing the legal affairs and disciplines often adopted by relevant governments in serving safe and secure measures for the people including citizens and ethnic people. Those bodies are responsible for protecting the life and property of the citizens as well as organizations and institutions which are serving the State and the people in the relevant territories while preventing intimidations, coercions and violent attacks.
In taking various responsibilities including safe and secure measures for the people, the governments need to operate counterattacks against threats and coercions of unscrupulous persons. To be able to successfully tackle the threats, the governments are to arrange the formation of relevant service organizations capable of combating the destructionists through investigation and talented inquiry bodies.
On the other hand, it is necessary to set up reserved forces such as law enforcement bodies, fire brigades and emergency medical teams for the prevention of unnecessary movements committed by destructionists. These reserved bodies need to help the authorities to combat or suppress unacceptable movements in society.
Some acts in society such as drug abuse, trespass, gambling, disturbing, squats, juvenile youths, noisy acts, undisciplined disposing of, unacceptable social problems and many others cause disturbing the people of society. Indeed, citizens have fundamental rights to demand the removal of these inappropriate activities under the law. It is because these unacceptable movements may cause crimes.
On the other hand, the people have to cooperate with the authorities in protecting themselves for their interests despite enjoying the rights of safe and secure facilities. Even if people see the potential for the outbreak of any dangerous events possibly to harm society, they need to inform the authorities about the possible dangerous events to take protective measures in advance. But, their preventive measures should not bring loss to any innocent people. If so, society will be safe and secure.
Not only the authorities but the people are to do their tasks with genuine goodwill without harming the individual people as well as the society to be free from intimidation and coercion.

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