To remedy patients with potent traditional medicines

Since time immemorial, Myanmar people have been using potent traditional medicines to cure themselves suffering from diseases. Up to now, Myanmar traditional medicine practitioners are bearing the remedies of traditional medicines to provide healthcare services for people with trust and reliance.
Myanmar traditional medicine has developed since the Myanmar monarchical era such as Tagaung, Sri Ksetra, Bagan, Inwa, Pinya and Konbaung. Myanmar traditional medicine is trustfully utilized by all Myanmar native generations including all ethnic groups.
Currently, the Myanmar traditional medicine practitioners conference and symposium are being organized for creating chances for traditional medicine practitioners and relevant professionals to exchange knowledge and experiences in remedying patients with the use of potent Myanmar traditional medicines. Myanmar Traditional Medicine therapies and academic ideas will be exchanged at the conference and the symposium so that it is a precious and noble traditional medicine heritage from senior professionals and their successors leading to brighter futures for these successors.
Myanmar’s traditional medicine is composed of four kinds of Naya and it is very compatible with Myanmar’s environmental conditions, Unlike medicines from other countries, it has a long history as a competent medicine with a reputation.
Myanmar’s traditional medicine practitioners are proud and respected for being the individuals who have inherited and preserved Myanmar’s traditional medicine, which is a key part of the heritage passed down from generation to generation by ancestors.
At this year’s conference, Myanmar traditional physicians and delegates of the conference aim to achieve all-round development in Myanmar’s traditional medicine sector and quality development of Myanmar Traditional Medicine, to raise the quality and moral dignity of Myanmar’s traditional physicians, to further develop Myanmar’s traditional medicine, and traditional medicine production technologies, to cooperate with related professionals, experts and organizations at home and abroad.
Especially, research is being conducted for Vi-tha-ma fever medicine mentioned in the treatise of traditional medicine of Ma-dha-wa-ni-dan and the main content is a bitter traditional medicine called Say-Khar-Gyi to produce traditional medicines that can prevent and treat the Covid-19 and seasonal cases of flu. The tests were followed by immediate and short-term toxicological tests ensuring its safety and efficacy in human subjects. And the clinical trials are done in healthy voluntary human subjects followed by clinical trials on Covid-19 patients with normal signs and symptoms. These successful clinical trial outputs will be followed by the production of this traditional medicine soon.
Potent traditional medicines and remedies will occupy the soul of patients. Hence, those practitioners need to try hard for the emergence of potent therapies of traditional medicines to be able to cure people to be free from diseases.

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