Totally drive out human traffickers from society


Everybody has the right to life, the right to freedom of movement and the right to development. They lose these rights when they fall under human traffickers in violation of human rights.
Indeed, trafficking in persons is a shameful crime comprising human exploitation, and encroachment on others to tarnish their images. Human trafficking is unacceptable in society.
The case of trafficking in persons can be seen in various forms such as forced labour in the workplaces, orders to forced begging, sexual abuses, and victims in drug trafficking. Some people fall under the incentives of human traffickers and some people hope for better lifestyles and some people want the larger profits as expected. Hence, although the governments are combatting the trafficking in persons, such a shameful business is still booming in the black world.
Cases of trafficking in person happen not only in Myanmar but in other countries in various forms. The global countries set up various special service organizations and armed forces to combat human trafficking gangs but those crime breakers dodge the legal actions of those government authorities as much as possible.
Trafficking in persons becomes an illegal business booming across the world with US$150 billion profits on a yearly basis, according to the International Labour Organization-ILO. In their violation of human rights, thousands of cases of human trafficking in which various ages of men, women and children may suffer from the lives of victims happen across the world. Most of them, the vulnerable group such as women and children become the targets of human traffickers.
Myanmar enacted the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Law on 13 September 2005. Moreover, Myanmar has signed the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its protocols. As such, the successive governments have been striving for the eradication of trafficking in persons applying various tactics.
In this regard, authorities hand down severe punishments on human traffickers under the law not to commit more similar cases with the purpose of preventing the attempts of human traffickers to violate crimes and of enabling the people to enjoy a secure and safe society to be free from the danger of human traffickers.
Acts of trafficking in persons are forms of bullying others. Hence, the government gives the people legal protection. It is not to seem that the government has obligations to combat human trafficking and to protect the people from the danger of those traffickers. In fact, people should join hands with the government in driving out the human traffickers from society.

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