Toungoo Education College new annex building inaugurated

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Daw Su Su Lwin accepts commemorative gift presented by Principal of Toungoo Education College Daw Nyein Nyein.

Toungoo Education College was inaugurated yesterday, with Daw Su Su Lwin, wife of President U Htin Kyaw, and Vice President U Myint Swe in attendance.
The college was formally opened by Dr Myo Thein Gyi, Union Minister for Education, U Win Thein, Chief Minister of Bago Region Cabinet, H.E Mr Takeshi Higuchi, Japanese Ambassador to Myanmar, and Daw Nyein Nyein, Principal of the Toungoo Education College in Toungoo, at 9:30 am yesterday.
Then, U Myint Swe, Vice President and those present at the ceremony posed for documentary photos. Afterward, the Vice President unveiled the signboard by switching on the button and sprayed it with scented water.
At the opening ceremony, the Vice-President said, “Under the current Education Sector changes of the present government, arrangements were being made to ensure completion of primary education for all those from primary school-age, better emphasis given to formulate education plans for poor children and those with significantly below-average cognitive ability and children from distant areas, making arrangements for suitable student-teacher ratio, arrangements were made to upgrade the qualification of teachers in teaching methodology and subject matter, arrangement were made so that the education services provided do not become a burden for the parents and the local communities. These priority tasks are being done as part of Education Sector Reform. And, the Union Government has laid special importance on improving the quality of teaching of the teachers and to ensure the continued development teaching capabilities. At the same time, keeping a high value on the languages and literature, culture and historical heritage of all ethnic nationals, cultivation of all-round correct attitudes and development of human resources with good character in accordance with the need of the current situations, implementation of a National Education System aimed at the emergence of a developed and modern country – all these are being carried out. In doing so, in accordance with the goals of the National Education Policy, training students to have the ability to think critically, and to train them to become good citizens who are endowed with the Five Dimensions of Development, to train students so that they become good citizens who know their civic duties and democratic practices and understand the standards of human rights so that they will turn out to be law abiding citizens. Teaching students to love and admire their respective languages, culture, literatures and historical heritages so that they can pass on to the younger generation and development of Union Spirit are required to be carried out emphatically.”
“As sufficiency and efficiency of primary assistant teachers is of great importance in implementing compulsory primary education system, DTEd ( Diploma in Teacher Education) and PPTT (Pre-Service Primary Teacher Training) are being opened continually. In making effort to modernize the education sector, sufficiency of infrastructure of school buildings plays an important role. It needs to effectively use increased State Budget and international monetary aids so that students and teachers will be able to study in a comfortable environment. We want to express our thanks on behalf of the State for fulfilling the needs of the education sector. We also hope that such kinds of assistance will be forthcoming in the future.”
Afterwards, Pyithu Hluttaw representative Daw Su Su Lwin, U Myint Swe, Vice-President, Union Minister Dr Myo Thein Gyi, Regional Cabinet’s Chief Minister, Japanese Ambassador to Myanmar and the Principal of the college provided items in commemoration of the opening ceremony of the new building. Then, U Myint Swe and members inspected the library, dispensary, Recreation Center, practical room of domestic science, class rooms, computer room and hostels for students, greeting trainees cordially.
The Toungoo Education College was upgraded from the Teacher Training School in 1967, Teacher Training Institute in 1993, and the Educational College in 1998, it is learnt.
Educational Colleges are being opened with the aim of providing training teacher trainees to become teachers equipped with the virtue of dignity compatible with Myanmar culture, training qualified teachers who can face challenges of the present knowledge age, and improving better teaching methods for teachers taking responsibilities in education.

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