Tourism booms at U Bein Bridge and Taungthaman Lake

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Local and foreign travelers cross U Bein Bridge over Taungthaman Lake in Mandalay.

More local and foreign travelers are visiting U Bein Bridge and Taungthaman Lake in Amarapura Township, Mandalay District during and after Thingyan festival. Most of the tourists come from Germany, Netherland, French, Britain, Spain, Italy, United State, New Zealand, Thailand, Japan and Korea.
Visitors capture photos and videos of the ancient wooden U Bein Bridge watch the sunset view of Taungthaman Lake by boat. U Bein Bridge was very busy with the families and group visitors, whose tours were arranged by Travel and Tours Agencies based in Yangon. Local and foreign visitors bought souvenirs from U Bein Bridge and sampled the local foods, taking rest in the restaurants of Taungthaman Lake.
U Bein Bridge was built under the supervision of Mayor U Bein and construction started from 1211 ME and was completed in 1213 ME. U Bein was built with 1086 pillars and includes 4 places to take rest and is 1.2 km long. Pillars and floors were damaged overtime by the water and nature. Maintenance works are being carried out under the cooperation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture, Department of Archaeology and Mandalay Region Government.



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