Tourist arrival in Mandalay in 2014 higher than 2013 tourism season

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Arrival of tourists in Mandalay rose to 61,086 in November 2014, exceeding 3,575 than 47,511 in November 2013.
In 2014 tourism season from September to November, the number of tourists scored 132,667 in Mandalay, exceeding over 30,000 tourists than the amount of last year.
A total of 109,195 tourists visited Mandalay last year’s tourism period from September to November, according to the statistics from Mandalay Region Immigration and National Registration Department.
Most of the tourists visit Mandalay by bicycle. Using bicycles, they have more opportunities to visit various parts of the ancient city, said a couple of Australian.
“We can visit the destination by car but miss the chances to enjoy scenes and sites along the route. Now, we can visit various sites along the route by bicycle, minimizing travel cost. We do not need to be afraid of traffic accidents. Actually, Mandalarians give priority to tourists on the traffic ways,” an Australian tourist told media.
Min Htet Aung —(Mandalay Sub-printing House)

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