Tourist arrivals in Mingun via Mayanchan jetty up 10%

The number of tourist arrivals in Mingun at the opposite bank of Mayanchan jetty in Mandalay Region increased by 10 per cent in the first week of November in comparision with the previous year, said U Thet Tun, chairman of vessel operators association.

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Tourists visit Mingun of Mandalay Region through the Mayanchan jetty. Photo: Khine Set Wai

Locals as well as foreigners paid the same rate for transportation, fixed at K35,000 per vessel for 5 persons and K64,000 for 6-10 persons. The vessels can carry a maximum of 20 passengers.
“During the high season, Mingun Town hosts a flock of visitors and 50 or 60 ships transport tourists every day. Most of the tourists are Chinese. With the tourist arrivals increasing in Mingun Town, 50 to 70 ships have been transporting visitors each day, starting 7 November,” he added.
Mingun is normally crowded with the visitors mostly in November, December, and January. However, the number of Chinese travelers is increasing these days, and one tourist vessel leaves Mayanchan jetty at 9 am and returned from Mingun jetty at 1 pm.
“We are running two rounds daily, charging K5,000 per foreigner, and we earn well in these four months every year. Over the past two days, 200 Chinese visitors have come to Mingun by ship. Normally, they don’t take a ship to visit Mingun Town,” said a vessel owner.
The Mandalay Region Government is planning to upgrade tourist transport at Mayanchan jetty to boost tourism industry of the region. —Khine Set Wai
(Translated by La Wonn)

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