Tourists arrivals increase in Kayin State

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One of the most precious geographical treasures of Myanmar, Kyone Htaw Waterfall, consists of emerald waters and rocks in Kayin State. Photo: Thwe Thwe Tun

Peace is the reason why there is increase in the number of tourist arrival in Kayin State, officials said. Kayin State is located in southeastern Myanmar with residents primarily descended from the Kayin race and other minority ethnic groups.
Progress in the peace process has led to regional stability as well as better roads and communication, officials said.
With the increasing number of tourists, businessmen are more interested to invest in hotels and guest houses this year compared to the last year.
In 2016, Kayin State received a total of 159,000 tourists and over 574,000 local visitors. As of August 2017, a total of 156,000 tourists and over 374,000 local visitors visited Kayin State, according to the deputy director of the Hpa-an branch office of the Hotels and Tourism Department.
In 2016, there were only 20 hotels in Hpa-an Township. With the increasing number of tourists, the number of hotels has climbed up to 23. Kayin state is one of the famous states in Myanmar because of its scenic beauty, the hospitality of the local people and their unique culture. Hpa-an has become one of the popular destination.
There are many natural caves and waterfalls lying on the western bank of Thanlwin river that attract nature-loving tourists. Tourists visit Hpa-an from Yangon and can return in one day trip, said an official from the Hotels and Tourism Department.
Tourists who visited Kayin State were mostly from France, the Netherlands and Germany. But since implementation of the Greater Mekong East-West Economic Corridor project in 2016 to boost economic growth, more and more Chinese have been visiting Kayin State.
The Hotels and Tourism Department has already provided capacity-building training courses to 1,150 employees who are working in the hotel industry — 15 courses in Hpa-an, three in Myawady and one in Thandaung town.


Min Thu/ Tun Tun Htway (Hpa-an)

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