Tourists flock to historical buildings in Mandalay

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A historical monastery being seen in Mandalay.  Photo: Nwe Nadi (Myit Nge)

Mandalay’s historical buildings are crowded with tourists to explore wonderful monument and Myanmar’s architecture.
Tourists like to visit historical buildings in Mandalay such as Shweinbin Monastery, Shwenandaw Monastery, Thingazar Monastery as they appreciate wood carvings and structure. Tourists appreciate to capture view of novices and monasteries built with wood. Thingazar Monastery is one of them. King Min Don’ donated this monastery to “Thingazar Sayartaw” in 1861 (MCY-1223) after building the royal city “Mandalay”.
This historical monastery is located in west Daywun Quarter, Chan Mya Thar Zi Township. Delicate adornments, volute stairs, verandas and Buddha Images of Yadanarbon Era and wood carvings are conserved and tourists appreciate monuments. —Nwe Nadi (Myit Nge)

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