Tourists stroll along Taungthaman Bridge to enjoy beautiful scene

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Taungthaman Lake is one of the favorite destinations of tourists who arrive in Mandalay.
Tourists cross Taungthaman Lake by Taungthaman Bridge on bicycle, motorbike and on foot. While strolling along the bridge, they enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake and environs. They also ride a boat in the lake and visit Kyauktawgyi Pagoda and Maha Gandayon monastery.
“Forty-six boats provide transport to the globetrotters in the lake and around the lake daily, earning income. The local authorities allow the boats to transport four persons only. As of early November, over 1,000 globetrotters visit Taungthaman Lake daily to enjoy the beautiful scene. The passengers can use the boat at K6000 per route in the morning and K4000 per afternoon. All boatmen are united in carrying out sanitation tasks at the bridge and lake,” the chairman of Taungthaman Lake Boatmen Association said.–Tin Maung (Mandalay)

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