Tourists throng Bagan for sunset views

A larger number of tourists have been entering Bagan in the beginning of the high season to catch a glimpse of historical temples in the backdrop of breathtaking sunsets in the ancient city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Tourists visit Bagan to catch the glimpse of historical temples in the backdrop of sunset. Photo: Than Htike

The famous Bagan sunset views can be observed from six places and of them, the Nyaung Lat Phat Kan viewpoint, the artificial hill close to Sulamani temple, the Taungthu hill, and Minnathu village viewpoints are packed with visitors hoping to catch the sunset views.
In the high season, horse-riding businesses, motorcycle and electric bike rental businesses, hotels, motels, and guesthouses are earning well, along with souvenir businesses. Those businesses create jobs for local residents.
“Starting from the first week of November, tourists are increasingly thronging to Bagan, a famous tourist destination in Myanmar, and they are mostly visiting in the high season. They like to enjoy Bagan’s sunset views. Most of them are Chinese, French, and German. The businesses relying on tourism are flourishing in the high season. If there is the most favorable place for viewing sunsets, the country can generate more foreign income. However, it is important not to harm the culture and customs of the city,” said U Aung Naing Moe, who owns a guesthouse in NyaungU Town.
There are 220 villages and seven wards in NyaungU Town. As it is close to the Bagan Ancient Cultural Heritage site, most of the tourists stay in NyaungU Town, allowing local residents to earn a good living. In addition, locals earn an income from operating transportation businesses and selling souvenirs.
During the high season from November to April, Bagan is packed with local pilgrims and tourists. They visit Bagan to observe the temples and stupas and view the sunset.—Than Htike (Translated by Ei Myat Mon)

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