More tourists visiting Mingun Bell

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Tourists visit Mingun area in Sagaing Region to see the Mingun Bell, the third-largest bell in the world. Photo: Than Zaw Min

There was an increase in the number of tourists visiting the Mingun area, Sagaing Region in the first week of October, with most visitors coming to see the Mingun Bell, the third-largest bell in the world.
“Most tourists who’ve been to the Mingun area are delighted with the Mingun Bell, as they can strike the bell and hear the sound. They take photos posing beside the bell. They are fascinated to see a world famous bell,” said a tour guide.
Casting of the bell started in M.E. 1170 and its weight is 90,718 kg, or 90 tons. The outer diameter of the rim of the bell is 16 feet, 9 inches. The outside circumference at the rim is 50 feet, 3 inches. The bell is 1 foot, 7 inches thick and stands 27 feet, 8 inches high from the rim to the top.
Myanmar is a country with stunning natural scenery, historical heritage and cities on the world heritage list. It is also a country with many different traditions and customs that are of much interest to tourists.


Than Zaw Min

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