Towards successful implementation of legal objectives

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The new Yangon City Development Law (YCDL), promulgated during the month of June, will come into effect on October 1. There are only a few weeks left in between before this law is adopted, and measures are being taken to make it known, as widespread as possible, and to enforce it by educating the Yangonites.
It is of great importance to publicize and disseminate a new law, once it has been enacted, and to make the people understand what the law says and how it should be practiced among them. If people do not understand or abide by a law, its main purpose would have been to no avail. One should also remember that even if people are not aware of a prescribed law, it doesn’t excuse them, if violated. No one can plead ignorance as a defense to escape the consequences of breaching the law. In other words, ignorance of a law will excuse no one. Thus efforts should be made to understand the nature of a law and to abide by it.
Laws are by nature a system of rules, disciplines, orders or instructions, which a particular country or community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members. Laws also enforce the imposition of penalties, if they are violated. Those who don’t obey a prescribed law shall be punished, and by not complying with it would lead to punishment as prescribed in the law.
The Yangon City Development Law should be taken seriously, as it contains restrictions, fines and prison time, depending on the infringes committed. Fines range from Ks.10,000 to Ks.5 million, and minimum jail time from three months to maximum one year. There might be both fines and prison sentences, depending on the seriousness of the offence.
The new law will impose fines ranging from Ks.30,000 to Ks.50,000 for spitting chewed betel quid, littering, throwing garbage on the roads, spitting in public and for pet animals dirtying the streets with their pooh. Those who recklessly dispose of their trash will be imposed fines from Ks.50,000 to Ks.300,000. What was once a bad habit will now be considered as breaking the law.
This would be a good reason for every citizen to start reviewing their minds and behavior, and begin discarding their bad habits, once and for all. After all, the purpose of YCDL is to foster sustainable development of the city, bring about a higher standard of living, create clean and pleasant environs to help achieve a reasonable and an improved quality of life.

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