Towards the light of peace

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“As we are in the same boat, we need to help one another. As we are on the same path towards the same aim, it should be noted that the (Myanmar) saying ‘a different verse for a different school and a different verse for a different village’ would create numerous questions and answers that would take us far away from our aimed destination” said the State Counsellor at the opening of the Third Session of the 21st Century Panglong Conference as a reminder for all the forces to march towards the goal of peace in unity.
The State Counsellor went on to say, “After everything is agreed upon, if new things pop up here and there, it would destroy trust and we can reach a stage where all will go whatever direction they want to go. Peace is achieved not through pressure but only through understanding and trust. Darkness is removed by light and not by darkness. Those who had not signed the NCA and who had not participated in the creation of peace light are invited to participate in it with goodwill toward the Union. All are always being welcomed.” It is a great pleasure for us all to hear the words of the State Counsellor heartily welcoming those who had not yet signed the NCA towards the light of peace.”
At the opening ceremony of the meeting, the State Counsellor comprehensively touched upon the NCA in all seriousness.NCA is the foremost door and the initial step towards peace. It is the main portal of the political dialogue. It is a focal point or a level ground rare to find among the stakeholders. The door is opened for all-inclusiveness in the NCA which is a crucial part of the peace process. The State leaders are always extending a warm welcome to all.
NCA is the result of the dialogue among the Government, the Hluttaw and the Tatmadaw, based on the proposals of the ethnic armed groups. It emerges as an internationally-acknowledged solid agreement of the whole nation. The peace process that originates from the NCA is supportive of reducing the armed conflicts to a certain degree. The country has witnessed a political dialogue it had never seen in the past successive periods. One significant achievement is the reaching of political agreements as a part of the Union Accord.
Thanks to the results produced by the NCA, the ethnic races are enjoying the fruits of peace more and more amidst the armed conflicts. So, we invite all the groups and individuals who have not signed the NCA yet to come towards the light of peace in a peaceful atmosphere.

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