Towards the town Kalay which means market town (2)

Second Yayhsankyun Pagoda
The teak log was carved into Buddha image as masterpieces which are better than the First Yayhsankyun Pagoda. The second one takes a position on a wide terrace near Myittha River at the exit of Kalay. Soft drinks and snacks are available at the foot of the pagoda hill in addition to a wide car park.

Bawdi Yadana Pagoda (Kyaukgutaw Monastery)
People know it as Kyaukgutaw Monastery, rather than Bawdi Yadana. Located behind Kalay industrial zone, Bawdi Yadana Pagoda can be seen with elephant statues, Buddha image chamber and stupas. Public-rest houses and monastery buildings are catching interest of visitors. As it is similar to just a recreation centre rather than the religious edifice, youths visit there to take photos.

9th-Mile Kyauktalone Creek
A laterite road, leading to Kyauktalone Creek, beyond Kalay University passes Chin villages. Visitors can buy intoxicating brew in these villages at K3,000 per pot. Then they may go to Kyauktalone farm being upgraded to the restaurant and recreation park. The park collects K200 per person for entrance fee. Visitors can taste intoxicating brew and foodstuffs while enjoying scenic beauties of Kyauktalone Creek.

Three pagodas
Travellers can pay visits to three ancient pagodas along the road from Shwebontha Pagoda. An ancient city wall can be seen not far from these pagodas.

Venue crossed by North Latitude
Travellers can see a large signboard near mile post 55-56 near Kyansetkon Village where the north latitude crosses the venue.

Yazagyo Dam
It needs to take one and a half drive from Kalay to Yazagyo Dam. Hotness covers the road along the dam. So, it is necessary to grow trees and flowery plants in the area for being travel site and recreation centre. In fact, it is a good area to take photos.

Tarhan market, hustle and bustle with people.
Tarhan market, hustle and bustle with people.

Tarhan market
I think Tarhan market is bigger than Kalay Myoma market where various kinds of meat and fish are sold in addition to textile imported from China at cheap prices.

Kalay Myoma market
It is a large market in urban area of Kalay. Varieties of textile imported from India and China are being traded as a centre.

View Point
The area beyond Kalay University is located in Chin State. So, the view point takes a position in Chin State. Despite no significant facilities, travellers visit there. Some travellers watch the sunrise scene from the view point.

Beauties of Myittha River seen from Yayhsankyun Pagoda.
Beauties of Myittha River seen from Yayhsankyun Pagoda.

A large number of people in Christianity reside in Kalay. Mizo Chin ethnics are the majority among various Chin ethnics. So many churches can be seen in Kalay. Boards are posted in all wards to show announcements of dead persons and its work procedures in Chin language.
I visited churches such as St. Mary Roman Catholic Cathedral on Bogyoke Street, Methodist Church in Tarhan, Vengpui Methodist Church and Salem Baptist Church.

Other visiting sites
I cannot pay visits to all significant places in Kalay where I visit every year. I saw Taungphila Hill in far distance on my way back. I enlisted the significant travel sites but some of them are located in far distance. These sites are Taungtalone, Myitsone, Taungphila, Thang Pagoda, hand washing lake, Myatheintan Pagoda, Webula Hill, Natchaung, Panmon Creek, Manipura Dam, the waterfall in Hsedaw Village and Sakarhla Pagoda.

Eateries in Kalay
I preferred to Flow restaurant where delicious Thai foods and BBQ are available. Another shop is titled JD23 which gives services of rice in tray. Hsabuthee is available in Tarhan market. Goshen restaurant is always crowded with consumers to give delicious food services to the visitors.

Majesty Hotel, Moe Hotel and Taungzalat Hotel are ready to give accommodation to guests in Kalay. In addition, those who cannot spend a large sum of money on their trips may stay at lodges and small hotels.

Gifts from trips
Travellers may buy Chin traditional costumes and utensils, Chin sarongs, blankets, men’s wears, necklaces and bags in Kalay. Tarhanthu shop is full of various products. Many shops can be seen around Kalay Airport as well as in Tarhan market. Indian saris are available at Lin Yaung Chi shop near Kalay Myoma market.
Despite lesser travel sites, Kalay is a lovely town where people from four corners meet to seek jobs. So, it is endless observation for travellers. If the travellers have adequate time, they may buy textile from Tamu in addition to paying visits to Reed Lake, Tiddim and Haka.
May all be always safe and secure, healthy and happy on their trips. (Translated by Than Tun Aung)

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