Towards zero traffic fatalities together

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  • Traffic deaths have increased in Myanmar with the number of vehicles on the road increasing since 2011 when the new car import policy took effect.
    The increasing number of fatal road accidents statistics paints a worrisome picture.
    Experts said not wearing seat belts by both drivers and passengers, driving under the influence of alcohol, distracted driving, high speed limits and using mobile phones while driving are found as major causes for road accidents.
    Traffic and road accidents could not be foreseen but are preventable.
    Basic rules toward improving road safety such as the use of seat belts, abstaining from use of mobile phones while driving and driving at high speed should be enforced in regions and states.
    We agreed that seat belts save lives. There are also regulations regarding seat belts and child safety seats in our vehicles.
    Besides, drivers should not focus on smartphones, in-car infotainment systems and other distractions when they should be focused on the road. All road users are urged to obey the road safety rules to put the country’s drive for road safety in the right direction.
    Road signs, installation of signal lights and road construction projects are required to follow existing rules and laws.
    For achieving quick wins in the country’s national road safety drive, wearing helmets (for motorcyclists), using seat-belts, abstention from using smartphones while driving, abstention from drunk driving and driving over the speed limit are required to be obeyed by all road users.
    Meanwhile, relevant departments need to systematically enforce the road safety ruleswhile private driving schools need good and complete courses with capable and truly experienced driving instructors, teaching guide literature and practical driving lessons.
    We witnessed in April that cooperation and conduct of relevant entities contributed to a decline in fatalities and injuries from traffic and road accidents during the 2018 New Year Thingyan period.
    Safety advocates say the achievement came due to the authorities’ push to eliminate traffic deaths by lowering speed limits and drunk driving and due to cooperation between the people and traffic rules enforcers.
    If drivers and road users follow the vehicle, traffic and road rules, loss of properties, lives and limbs could be reduced significantly.
    Changes like those being made in our traditional New Year festival period can save lives.
    The world’s vision on Road Safety “Towards Zero Together” could be achieved only through effective organization and participation of the people,
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