Township medical officer from Kutkai People’s Hospital cruelly killed

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An armed terrorist group brutally killed Dr Daw Wint Wint Myaing, 50, a township medical Officer from the Kutkai People’s Hospital, on the evening of 14 December.
A group of five officials from the Kutkai Township General Administration Department and a group of five personnel led by Dr Daw Wint Wint Myaing returned from Monesi village in Kutkai Township, in two vehicles after carrying out the COVID-19 vaccination which had started at 10 am on 14 December.
While the group of the General Administration Department temporarily stopped by in Tamoenye Town to get the immunization record, the group with the doctor left for Kutkai. When they arrived at a place between Mawhan village and Naungcho village at around 7:15 pm, a group of armed terrorists (under scrutiny) ordered to stop the vehicle, ordered the passengers to get off the vehicle, and cruelly shot only Dr Daw Wint Wint Myaing with a small weapon, causing her to fall on the spot. The armed terrorist group ordered the rest of her group to turn off the lights and drive back towards Tarmoenye town.
By the time the group of the General Administration Department arrived at Kutkai at around 8:45 pm, they tried to contact the group with the doctor as they had not arrived. At around 11 pm, the driver of the vehicle of the doctor’s group reported on the incident that the armed terrorists ordered them to get off the vehicle in the Myanmar language, however, they talked to each other in Jingphaw language.
Security forces and local civil society organizations searched for the body of the doctor and found it on the left side of the Tarmoenye-Kutkai road near the old Naungcho village. She was found dead with five bullet wounds. The body was taken to the Hospital and arrived at around 12:30 am.
Dr Daw Wint Wint Myaing was born in Lashio and had served the people at the Kutkai People’s Hospital since 2002. She was a dutiful and friendly civil servant who everyone including department staff. She was under protection for her security after she had received threatening messages because she did not involve in the CDM campaign. It was a day trip for her to Monesi village which is 70 kilometres far from Kutkai where she provided the villagers with the vaccination against COVID-19. She did not ask for security during this trip as she didn’t expect such brutal killing as well as she was being supported by the local people.
Local people are deeply saddened and outraged by the unexpected death of a good civil servant by the terrorists and the Ministry of Health and the State itself has lost a good civil servant. Security forces are working hard and investigating to uncover the perpetrators and it is reported that the local people are requested to secretly report any information related to the case to the relevant authorities. — MNA

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