Trade continues despite lockdown in Shweli

The Chinese border town of Shweli has been locked down for five days due to the detection of the COVID-19 virus, but the border trade between Myanmar and China is still open at the Wang Ding-Kyinsankyawt border, a trader said.
China previously imposed a lockdown on only the areas and neighbourhoods where the COVID-19 virus was detected, and from 16 September 2022 at midnight, the entire city of Shweli was placed under lockdown.
“Trading activities have normal entry and exit principles. The lockdown is not related to the trading activities through the Kyinsankyawt-Wang Ding checkpoint,” said an entrepreneur based on the Muse border.
According to the businessmen, Kyinsankyawt-Wang Ding trade is the main terminal for activities between Myanmar and China with around 100 trucks trading daily.
Lockdown has been imposed only in the Chinese city of Shweli, which borders Myanmar.
Every resident of Shweli City must enter quarantine in his house, and the initial lockdown period is set as five days, every day, everyone must have a throat swab test, and the lockdown period will depend on the number of cases found.
A resident of the border said that it will be reset.
Shweli city lockdown has been announced from 16 to 21 September 2022. Until now, the Kyinsankyawt-Wang Ding border trade is still operating. — TPT/GNLM

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