Tragedy strikes jade working area: 25 bodies recovered from cliff collapse, search for missing continues

As per reports, 25 bodies have been recovered by rescue teams in the aftermath of a sand cliff collapse within the jade working area in Phakant. The search continues for the remaining individuals who are still missing.
The site of the sand cliff collapse is the jade working area lake, spanning around 1,000 feet in length, 250 feet in width, and towering over 400 feet in height. The collapse of the sand cliff led to the bank giving way, causing the water to surge into the lake. Tragically, this resulted in jade miners being trapped within the murky waters.
Initial findings indicate that the sand cliff collapse claimed the lives of approximately 40 employees of the company along with unregistered prospectors. The search operation is ongoing with over 10 rescue teams participating in the effort.
This incident mirrors a similar tragedy that unfolded in 2020, where a sand cliff collapse in Wekha Hmaw, Phakant Township, resulted in the loss of over 150 unregistered prospectors’ lives. — TWA/KZW

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