Training course for voting booth supervisors conducted

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UEC Chairman U Hla Thein speaks at training course on process for voting booth in-charges for the by-election. Photo: MNA

A training course on the process for voting booth in-charges for the by-election in April was opened at the Office of the Union Election Commission in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday morning.
At the opening ceremony, U Hla Thein, chairman of the UEC said: “In 2015, a working manual for in-charges and deputy in-charges of voting booths was issued. Based on the manual with amendments revised, the present course will be conducted for the by-election in 2017. For an election to be successful, there are two parts divided for voting booth in-charges and deputy in-charges to perform. Only if the two parts are in harmony with each other, will the election be successful. Courses on the working process for sub-commissions at different levels to perform were conducted. Now is the time for in-charges and deputy-in-charges of voting booths. In holding free and trustworthy elections, efforts and rightful performance of in-charge and deputy in-charge play an important role, similar to the sub-commissions at different levels. Due to failure to perform as described in the manual in the 2015 general election, there were some weaknesses. In the 2017 by-election, there are 2.15 million voters for the 19 vacant posts in 22 townships. As there are 2,000 voting pools, 4,000 in all — 2,000 in-charges and 2,000 deputy in-charges will be given training courses. For the 2017 by-elections, courses will be conducted two times to two divided groups. Today’s training will be attended by 46 people representing sub-commissions at different levels in regions and states, while the second course will be conducted for 40 people.”
To be discussed at the course will be: assessment of the basic knowledge of the by-election; the types of conducting courses and lessons; responsibilities and authorities of in-charge and deputy-in-charge of voting booths; preparations for the election; opening and closing of the voting booths; the process of voting and supervising voters to enter booths in queues with discipline; confirmed and objected votes; counting votes and tasks after counting votes.
Trainees, including in-charges and deputy-in-charges, will have to undergo this process again in March, in which a demonstration will be conducted in order to be very clear about the process, it is learnt.—Myanmar News Agency

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