Transportation and large supply lead to decline in Seintalone mango price

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Seintalone mangos are being exported to China.

Export of seintalone mangos to China has been normal, however the price has declined as a result of road conditions and large supply, according to cross-border traders.

In this year, seintalone production has been high in Shan State, as well as supply is abundant, leading to decline in price.

“Border trading has operated normally but mango export has become low now. There is still export of seintalone mango produced from Shan State. The price was better at the beginning of the fruit’s harvest season. Now the mango production has become abundant so the price can’t get much better. Now this is rainy season so traffic congestions are happening, that taking longer the journey,” said a trader.

Transport charges have also increased, that is why exports are unable to do like before. Shan State-produced seintalone were exported to China through Mongla route, however, roads are blocked due to heavy rain, causing the journey take longer. As a result of it, mangos get ripe quickly and quality declined after being wet.

Mongo production in China is also likely to be plentiful, so traders need to be aware of it, he said.


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