Trio work on administrative functions in Yangon

THE Yangon Region administration is currently being run by the Chief Minister, the Minister for Security and Border Affairs and the Secretary of the regional government in close cooperation as the regional cabinet has not been formed yet, said Minister for Security and Border Affairs Col Tin Aung Tun.
“We are working collaboratively on administrative matters before the creation of the cabinet,” said the regional minister.
U Phyo Min Thein was sworn in last Monday as Yangon Region Chief Minister at the Yangon Region Parliament.
Col Tin Aung Tun, who was nominated by the Commander-in-Chief, was also approved with no objection as Minister for Security and Border Affairs at the regional parliamentary session yesterday.
I will do my best to ensure the security of Yangon Region in accord with instructions of the Chief Minister, said the Security and Border Affairs Minister.
Yangon Region Parliament has not yet received the nomination of other cabinet members for the Yangon Region government.
Speaking to the media last Monday, U Phyo Min Thein, new Yangon Region Chief Minister, vowed to form an uncorrupted government which will attend to and address the needs of Yangon people and will strive to address issues related to traffic congestion, unemployment and flooding in the city during the rainy season.
Despite Myanmar’s new President reducing the total number of ministries from 36 to 21, no announcement on the number of ministries formed by regional governments has been released yet.
Under President U Thein Sein’s administration the Yangon Region government, led by the Chief Minister, was formed with a total of 11 ministers.

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