Trip to natural stone cave in Bokpyin Township

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The cave is located near Yadanabon Village in Bokpyin Township and about 7 miles from the border areas with Thailand.

Nature-based tourism becomes the most attractive tourism industry to world travellers. The people chose such nature vacations for their natural phenomenon and ability to offer satisfaction. There are many nature-based attractions in Myanmar. A natural cave located in Bokpyin Township of Taninthayi Region attracts tourists.
The cave is located near Yadanabon Village in Bokpyin Township and about 7 miles from the border areas with Thailand. After a one-hour drive from Yadanabon junction on Myeik- Kawthoung road section, the visitors can see a signboard bearing the name of the natural cave, Phaya Htan Cave. About a further 30-minute drive, it will reach that natural cave. It would be a one-hour walk to the cave. Both of the walking and car drive are OK.
Travellers who love walking can enjoy the natural beauty of its surrounding in person. The notable thing is that the mountains, flora, geographical features and climate of Bokpyin Township in the Taninthayi Region are different from others. In the rainy season, travellers can make a bike ride or a trek, and they will be pleased along the road.
There are also many wild animals like Asiatic Black Bear, Rhinoceros, Wild Buffalo, Sambhur, Serow, Goral, Wild dogs, Tapir, Pangolins, Golden Cat and monkeys on the way to Phaya Htan cave. The visitors can see the mountainous views of the Taninthayi Region and the highest mountain in Bokpyin Township measures 1,419 feet above sea level.
The Yadanabon Village is such a quiet and peaceful place for its dense forest with low population density. The existence of such a natural cave is so interesting with its geography facts. There are many high rocks in the vicinity area of that stone cave.

In the summer, it is possible to reach the front of the cave by car and so the transportation is convenient. Moreover, it is easy to study the inner parts of the cave. It is hard to enter the cave as it is humidity inside and the poisonous creatures can be seen inside the cave during the rainy season. Moreover, the travellers should notice that the wild animals can be there in the rainy season.
The stalactites in different shapes can be also seen inside the cave. Although the Phaya Htan cave hosts only a few visitors, it is mostly crowded in the dry season. Moreover, there is a missionary Monk in front of the cave and the Buddha images are placed on the walls of the rock and cave by the Monk now.
There is a firm wooden staircase to make going up or down easier in the cave. It is not easy for the elderly persons to pay homage to the Buddha images on the wall closely. The Buddha statues are carved into different shapes like some are sitting Buddha images and some are standing Buddha images.
The natural designs of stalactites are seemed to be curved by a skilled mason. It is so interesting that the rocks with Buddha statues on them are naturally emerging. If we look at the rocks from the outside of the cave, they are in white colour and seemed to be man-made stalactites.
Moreover, there are further five natural caves near it. The unusual thing is that the trees grow up on the walls of the rocks.
King Alaung Phaya, U Aung Zeya once temporarily made a camp in the cave while he was marching to Ayutthaya. Some of his warriors stayed near the cave for many days, according to the local residents. The travellers to the cave can see the commemorative materials of Alaung Phaya in the cave. There are many Edible bird nests on the rocks and the hunters of bird nests come there, said the locals. The demand for natural bird nests is high in the market and the prices are also hiking.
The trip to the natural caves during the dry season is a must for travellers. The natural stone caves of the Taninthayi Region is strange and a supportive location to promote the local tourism industry.
Therefore, the domestic and foreign travellers should not miss the Phaya Htan cave located in Bokpyin Township for its interesting facts in the post-COVID-19 period. – La Yaung Wai/GNLM

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