True democracy heeds voice of people

Despite rapid advancements in communication technology in the 21st Century, the voice of the people often remains unheard or ignored.
For a country to possess genuine democracy, it must have parliamentarians who heed the public’s voice. Simply put, responsible and accountable democracy requires the involvement of people from all walks of life.
In fact, elections can be seen as channels through which people can make their voices heard. To this end, the electorate must devote its enthusiasm to the election set for 8 November this year.
The people, the parliament and the government should all walk hand in hand in the democratic process so that favourable reforms will take place and bring about prosperity and stability. In a democracy, every citizen must have their say in shaping policies and influencing decisions that affect their lives.
While democracy is not without challenges, many hands make light work, as the saying goes. It is therefore important for the government to understand that enhancing democratic structures does not solely rest with it. Some prominent challenges include constitutional reforms, decentralization, transparency, accountability and the rights of individuals.
All things considered, democracy calls for all citizens, all political parties, the parliament and the government to take a greater stake in the democratic process. Now is the time for the government to reconsider its position and start to hold the view that there is substantial room to modernize the democratic system by encouraging inclusive participation.

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