Trust must be earned, not bought

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Trust can take a long time to build, but only a short time to destroy. It is something that must be earned and cannot be bought. In fact money, in some cases, can erode trust.
In a business environment, a boss cannot build his reputation solely with money. He can win the trust of his employees by making sound policies that are considerate of staff. If an employer fails to create a positive working environment for his staff, they will not give their best to improve the firm.
On the other hand, some bosses are accused of showing favouritism to certain staff members, giving them bigger salaries and bonuses than others. But money is not a genuine means to obtaining lasting trust from these employees. There have been cases in which politicians have spent seemingly unlimited amounts of money on their election campaign yet still failed to get elected.
Trust is the glue that binds strong relationships. If a boss does not consider the interests of his staff and focuses only on his own, his employees will not put their trust in their company.
Politicians should base their campaigns on honesty rather than big spending, while business organizations should demonstrate genuine concern for staff in order to win their trust.

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