Try to be happy in the good fortune of others

In her statement delivered to the general debate of the 71st session of the United Nations General Assembly, State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said inter alia that she has seen too much anger and hatred and resentment, demands, not offer of services and that she would like the world to be a kinder world—a world that gives places giving above receiving. In addition, she emphasized that Myanmar has experienced over six decades of internal armed conflict and that nothing is, therefore, more important than lasting peace and national reconciliation. This is the reason why she is exerting her utmost effort to achieve peace through the union peace conference—the 21st century Pang Long.
Regarding the situation in Rakhine, the State Counsellor said Myanmar does not fear international scrutiny, saying “We are committed to a sustainable solution that will lead to peace, stability and development for all communities within the state. Our government is taking a holistic approach that makes development central to both short and long-term programmes aimed at promoting understanding and trust. In this regard, ex-UNSG Kofi Annan has been appointed to lead a commission to foster these efforts. It is worth noting that the state counsellor said the issue of migration can only be solved by tackling its root causes, the two most important of which are lack of peace and lack of development.
Discussing corruption, the state counsellor told the general assembly that corruption is not only concerned with taking and offering of bribes. She explained to the audience that anger, greed, fear and ignorance corrupt human nature and it also corrupts the whole world. In fact, she avoided using the four Pāli terms—dosa, chanda, bhaya and moha, which are called the four agatis—i.e. wrong course(s). According to this dhamma, people tend be corrupt on the basis of anger, wish, fear and ignorance. She was clever enough to avoid pali words when addressing a multilingual audience with diversified cultures, religious faiths and customs.  While extending the interpretation of corruption and corrupt practices, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi called on the international community to stand up against anger and hatred, against fear and ignorance and find a way to a better world through people’s capacities for compassion, for loving kindness and for the ability to be happy in the good fortune of others. Again, compassion, loving kindness and the ability to be happy in the good fortune of others are three of the four dhammas of Brahmacariya— mettā, Karunā, muditā and upekkhā.

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