Try to overcome the difficulties of monetary bullying in the international arena

Politics is defined as the activities associated with the governance of a country or area but it is really based on complexity, flexibility, tact, manipulating, exploiting, bullying, instigating, interfering and so on.
Currently, global affairs are based on the activities of powerful countries, based on their military might, monetary might and material might. Just global affairs are not affecting any other. In the current era, power big countries are making terrible attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of small countries in various ways and means.
But, some of the big countries as well as developed countries have a genuine attitude to giving a helping hand to small countries without attempts to bully others as they tried hard to escape from the total loss in the past events triggered by bitter experiences. So, global countries need to establish partnership relations with the aforesaid countries in honour of good attitudes.
Some big countries utilize dollars as a tool in bullying small countries because the status of dollars is in connection with financial security. As such, small countries become victims of dollar manipulation committed by big countries. It can be seen that those small countries are unable to defy the political and economic sectors against the big countries due to a lack of might.
The powerful countries with negative attitudes never benefit other countries. They are always considering the ways and means to manipulate and bully other small countries by taking advantage of their interests. They always seek advantages in all events for exploiting the lesser power countries. Small and powerless countries should unite themselves in all sorts of might through concerted efforts for defying the powerful countries so as to escape from the manipulation by evil big countries.
Myanmar can use currencies such as the rouble, yuan and rupee in the placement of the dollar. Moreover, the dollar can be substituted with a barter system in order to have economic development with monetary might. If so, small countries can overcome the difficulties of monetary bullying. Hence, small countries need to request powerful friendly countries to give a helping hand to them.
Significantly, now is the time for all small and powerless countries to unite each other. They all need to choose powerful friendly countries in the international arena and try to raise mutual interests. It is necessary to build friendly relations with other countries in a common stance and attitude for peacefully standing in the global community.

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