Two 12-year-old students reportedly die of food poisoning in Thanatpin

Two 12-year-old students named Ma Su Mei San and Ma Thazin Khine reportedly died of food poisoning when they were taken to hospital yesterday morning. They were seventh-grade students at the basic education middle school branch(Kyu Chaung) in Kyu Chaung village, Thanatpin Township, Bago Region.
The girls were found with foaming at their mouths, one was lying on the floor, and one was leaning to the wall. They reportedly fell while they were cleaning the classroom. The headmistress and midwife Daw San San Aye took them to the township public hospital and died when they arrived there.
An autopsy by the hospital’s forensic pathologist revealed that they had died of food poisoning, and further details have been investigated. — MNA

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