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   Two arrested with handmade firearms in Sagaing Region

Two men arrested together with several handmade guns, including handmade mines and bombs, in ChaungU Township of Sagaing Region yesterday.
The combined team comprising security members raided the vicinity area of Kyan Tine Aung pagoda in Kyee Gone Village and Mathae Kya Gwin station in ChaungU Township upon a tip-off. Some young men gathered to commit acts of terrorism, handmade guns, bombs, and mine and firearm training in order to affect the State’s administrative machinery due to the incitements of unscrupulous organizations.

Wai Yan & Toe Toe

When the security members arrived there, about 100 armed insurgents attacked the police with the firearms they made.
After the clash, the police arrested Wai Yan from Chaung Ma Nar Village and Toe Toe from Mahti Thar Village.
The police seized 220 long percussion lock firearms, two short percussion rifles, 24 gas guns, 24 12-bolt guns, 107 12-bolt bullets, one handmade gun, one time bomb, 80 handmade bombs, 19 packs containing 20 rounds of ammunition, 42 packs containing gunpowder, 1 Canon Printer, two motorcycles and other materials.

The security members investigate to take action against the participants in violence. The suspects will face actions in accord with the law. — MNA

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