Two-century-old monastery boasts high cultural standard of Myanmar


King Bodaw had been on the throne in Mandalay Royal Palace when he appointed the chief of Petaung district as the tenth commissioner of Myeik in 1175 Myanmar Era. The new commissioner had a mansion built there and ruled the town for three years. An emergency situation prompted the king to send for the commissioner to the palace. Having no desire to leave his mansion as it was, the commissioner donated it to a Buddhist monk named Bhaddanta Kosala through religious rites. As a result, the mansion was converted into a monastery, which was then named “Min Kyaung”, literally meaning a monastery donated by a royal commissioner. Some ancient architectural features of the monastery remain intact even after more than two hundred years, displaying the high standard of Myanmar’s architecture of ancient times. In addition, items of over 200 years can be seen there. Some of them include lacquer objects, bronze Buddha Images, bronze cups and trays, wall paintings and wardrobes embroidered in gold, and a portrait of the first presiding Sayadaw.
Bhaddanta Chandima, current presiding Sayadaw, maintains the religious edifice, where Buddhist literature is now taught to student monks and novices.
Min Kyaung is a must-go place for history enthusiasts.

Zaw Myo Naing (Myeik, IPRD)

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