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Two fuel oil tankers docked, four on way to Thilawa ports

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Fuel oil is unloaded from a tanker ship berthed at Thilawa Port. Photo: MPTA

Two tanker ships carrying more than 30,000 tonnes of fuel oil docked at the jetty, according to the Myanmar Petroleum Trade Association on 21 May.
The association posted on its social network that oil tankers MT Yu Hai which carried 17,200 tonnes and MT Aberlour which carried 20,000 tonnes docked at the jetty on 21 May.
It also announced that the oil tankers enter the country successively despite the rumours that there are fuel shortages in the country on 19 May.
“Some stations stick notices that they do not sell 95 Octane. During the SAC press conference, officials said the country has adequate fuel. But in reality, there is a fuel shortage at stations. Now, the association says like that and so we get relief whatever the situation is,” said Ko Naing Win from Hlinethaya Township.
The price of 92 Octane reached K2,200 and the stations stopped selling as they faced shortages. The prices of fuel on 21 May were K2,210 per litre for 92, K2,325 per litre for 95, 2,180 per litre for premium diesel and K2,150 per litre for diesel.
On 19 May, MT Beluga Pacific with 16,400 tonnes of fuel, MT Yu Hai with 17,200 tonnes, MT Yu Dong with 18,200 tonnes and MT Aberlour with 20,000 tonnes docked at the ports. Another four `unloaded vessels arrive at the mouth of the river, according to the statement of the association. — TWA/GNLM

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