Two men arrested in Maungtaw for illegal border crossing

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Mahmut Fahdu @ Mahmut Farul climbs over the Bangladesh-Myanmar border fence. Photo: MNA

Two persons, identified as De Luu @ Dil Mahmed, 55, and Mahmut Fahdu @ Mahmut Farul, 35, from Paung Zar Village, Maungtaw Township, crossed the Naf River and climbed over the Bangladesh-Myanmar border fence at border post 520 near Paung Zar Chaung Wa police post on the evening of 16 July.
The police verbally warned them not to climb over the fence. As they continued to climb over, the police fired a shot hitting De Luu @ Dil Mahmed in the stomach, after which both of them were caught. De Luu @ Dil Mahmed was sent to Maungtaw People’s Hospital for treatment, while Mahmut Fahdu @ Mahmut Farul was sent to Pyin Phyu police station for further investigation.

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