Two Myanmar- UK Motourlogue motorbikes visit Mann Oil Field in Minbu

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Motorcyclists Ko Aung Kyaw Win and Ko Sai Zwam Pha pose for a photo with residents of Pyay. photo: mna

Two Myanmar- UK Motourlogue motorbike that left from People’s Square on 26th May arrived in Magway Region and visited Mann Oil Field in Minbu.
Two bikes, Ko Aung Kyaw Win and Ko Sai Zwam Pha arrived in Pyay in the evening of 26 May. They stop to rest for a night there and in the morning of 27th they got to Magway via Tuangdwingyi- Aunglan street .
They stop to rest for a night Magway. In the morning of 29th they visited MPRL E&P Pte Ltd office, which is running joint venture with Myanma Oil and Gas Enterprise, to meet with the staff and explained how the tour came about an how they will make a success of it.
Then they visited Mann Oil field where CRS projects are successful.
They will ride over 30000 miles and across 30countries. Motourlogue was sponsored by Myanmar energy company MPRL E&P Pte Ltd as main partner.
They aim to spread the information about the future of Myanmar energy in the country along and worldwide through media.
It was reported that the bikers will share and update their experience on the tour on social media pages of MOTOURLUGUE and MPRL E&P.—Moe Moe
(Translated by Alphonsus)

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