Two six-wheel trucks carrying live chickens confiscated on Hpa-an-Hton-ai Road

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The truck used to smuggle live chickens illegally imported from Thailand into Hpa-an, Kayin State.  Photo: Hpa-an IPRD

A police unit successfully intercepted two trucks carrying illegally imported live chickens from Thailand along Hpa-an-Hton-ai Road on Wednesday morning.
During an inspection tour, the Hpa-an anti-crime police force, led by Inspector Thet Soe, confiscated some 1,070 live chickens in 231 cages from a six-wheel truck (YGN/5J-9446), driven by Dargat aka Kyaw Kyaw (40).
Next, another six-wheel truck carrying some 1,000 live chickens in 125 cages, driven by Ilsook aka Myat Ko Oo aka Ko Oo (38), was also intercepted.
The Hpa-an police force is preparing to take action against the two truck drivers under the Animal Health and Development Law. The live chickens were sent to the Hpa-an District Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Department, according to the Hpa-an police force.


Nay Myo Lwin (IPRD)

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