Two villagers arrested under suspicion of recruiting, spying for armed insurgents

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Two villagers suspected of recruiting and spying for armed groups who attacked Monekoe were arrested.
DD Naung Latt, son of U Dot Naw of Ward 1, Monekoe and Lanjaw Gumsai, son of U Lan Jaw Laphone, of Kaunglon Village, Monekoe, were also accused of acting as informers and spreading false news on behalf of the armed insurgents, according to the Information Committee of the State Counsellor’s Office.
The two men had been pursued earlier by government troops on 4 December, but the suspects fled to a neighboring country before they returned to Monekoe on 24 December, when they were finally arrested.
According to the investigation, it was learnt that DD Naung Latt, disguised as the chairman of Monekoe Baptist Church during the Monekoe attacks, gave information of the Tatmataw’s activities to the armed groups, gave them money and spread rumours to foreign media so as to arouse mistrust of the government among public and international communities. The two suspects made repeated connections with the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) armed groups before and during the Monekoe attacks and recruiting new troops for the armed groups and transported oil, it is learnt.
The government troops are making arrangements to seize cadres of the armed groups and to stabilise the area.

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